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izzybaclite izzychuck        
izzyme izzyroo


 foaled May 24th 1992

FPZV reg#040395592

sire Greis Tjeerd  #04000884

   dam Alida (S)040002081

 In 1994 I hauled a friends mare to  Okjen Farms to be bred to  their stallion Gries Tjeerd. When we arrived a small herd of beautiful black horses flowed over a hill in the pasture and ran up to see who had arrived. While my friends conducted their business; I gained permission to go and visit the horses. I stood among those beautiful black horses petting and scratching them; until they realized that nothing interesting was really going on. They all turned and wandered back over the hill…all but one…. one horse stayed, she looked in my eyes, rested her head against my chest and firmly anchored herself in my heart. She stayed with me until it was time to go. When I mentioned her to the owners I was told she was for sale…Within a month Isabeau was with me and has been my friend and anchor ever since. Isabeau’s first foal was born in 1996, Mystic was a stunning forward moving Friesian filly by Gallahad du Luc. Then in 1998 Izzy became the focus for our breeding program when I decided to breed her to the Andalusian stallion Emperador XL.  The resulting foal; a filly named Immortal Farms Tatiana, became our first Warlander. At four months old, Tatiana went to her first show; the Pacific NW Festival of the Andalusian. She solidified that focus by winning half Andalusian Two and under, earning the gold medal movement award then returning to win Reserve Champion Half Andalusian mare. Since then Isabeau has given us 7 more foals three more pure Friesian foals and four Warlanders. All while taking me on adventures with rides in Mountains, on beaches and all over Puget Sound. Isabeau is now retired, her job in life is to be beautiful, be my confidant, babysit now and then, and ..of peppermints and be loved.

Isabeau's foals

Malcanter  Malextend
Mal colt Mal Murphy
O.A. Malaika 
Foaled July 5th 1997
 16.1 hh  Revised PRE mare
   Mareo (Estimado V)   X   Olympia  (Temerario V)    
We went to Olympic Andalusians on Vancouver Island to look at another mare they had for sale. Malaika was a  two year old when we saw her standing in the field. Even from a distance she had that "Andalusian" look. Sandra Younge, the owner of Olympic Andalusians aptly described her as "weedy" but you could still see the glow of greatness in her. We asked Sandra to bring her out for a closer look. She took her to the end of the lane and turned to trot her past us; Malaika was the epitome of grace..the kind of horse that makes your breath catch when she moves.  She had everything we were looking for ; a stunning pedigree, exceptional conformation, and that movement .. She was two years younger than what we were shopping for , but she was worth the wait.   We left Sandra's without the horse we had come to buy, but with a contract for Malaika instead. Since then she has matured into a outstanding Andalusian mare. She is revised by the Cria Caballar, and was one of the highest scoring horses for her revision year. Malaika has given us 7 foals, four pure Andalusian and three Warlanders. Malaika was bred in 2014 to Montero VQF for a  pure Andalusian foal due in May 2015
Mal foals
Eowyn banner
Eowyn Award Seahawk Roo
Eowyn Archery Roo Kim
Foaled April 27 2001    
   IALHA  reg# H003706    IWSR reg#000016AF
Sire:  Quimerico KF   IALHA # 2479(S)
Dam:  Isabeau          FPZV  #fps04039E592
Eowyn is Isabeau's fourth foal, and one we just could not give up.  She is our foundation Warlander mare, and our ambassador for the breed. She has been shown only three times and developed quite a record.
 2001 Festival of the Andalusian:...(age 4 months)
 1st place Half-Andalusian mares two and under
Gold medal movement award
2002 Festival of the Andalusian:.. ( age 16 months)
1st place Half-Andalusian mares two and under
Gold medal movement award
Reserve Champion Half-Andalusian mare
2004 Festival of the Andalusian:  (age 4 yrs)
1st place 3 years and older Half-Andalusian mares
Gold medal movement award
Champion Half-Andalusian mare
 Received a score of 75.238 in Dressage intro test B
(after 30 days under saddle)

Eowyn is our 'do anything' girl, she rides Dressage, Western, and sidesaddle. She has been in parades, preformed in movies and renaissance  shows. She has given lessons to children and adults, carried armored knights and had archers shoot off her at full gallop. She has gone on numerous trail rides. She does all that is asked of her without fuss..and with her incredible WOW factor...because "Roo" as we call her is both talented and ..... beautiful. We are very proud to call her one of our girls.

roo  foal