the foals 
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 2007 foals

I.F. Michelanglo     Warlander colt
by   Saphiro   ( Lusitano)
out of  I.F. Tatiana   (Warlander)

Mick 1 day                          


Michelangelo's  Iberian lines include  National Champions of Spain, Portugal and seven United States National Champions. His Friesian linage contains seven Preferant rated stallions and mares.
Mick trot 4 months1 year old  Mick at Nationals

I.F Athena Nike   Friesian filly
by   Knight Commander's Quest     
    ( Friesian)
out of Isabeau       (Friesian)


We bred Isabeau to Knight Commander with the hope of getting a filly to add to our farm.
We were rewarded with Athena. She is everything we had hoped for. Elegant neck, a
beautiful classic face, and a floating, airy way of moving that is just stunning.


Athena 1 yearAthena 2 years

I F Mozart       PRE  Andalusian colt
by Fogoso H    (Andalusian)
out of O.A. Malaika    (Andalusian)


Mozart is the second son of  Fogoso H and Malaika. This cross again produced an incredible colt. Mozart was sold in utero, and his new owner is very happy with his future stallion. Mozart is his future breeding and exhibition stallion


I F Andromeda   Warlander filly
by    I.F. Xenophon     (Warlander)
out of     I.F. Eowyn     (Warlander)


Andromeda is out of Eowyn by Xenophon, making her our first 2nd generation Warlander foal. Dubbed Roulette (her mothers barn name is Roo so she became the Roo ette) she stayed with us for 7 years impressing visitors and eventually giving us a beautiful colt by Montero. She found her very own human in 2013, and moved on. It was VERY hard seeing our girl go. We know that she has found her person, and she loves having someone of her ownRoulette 1 monthRoulette 3 yearsRoulette 5 years


I F Morpheus    PRE Andalusian colt
by  Fogoso H     (Andalusian)
out of O.A. Malaika     (Andalusian)

Morpheus 2 weeks 

Morpheus was one of those foals that had presence from the first day. Carrying years worth of champions in his background he was everything an Andalusian should be.
When he was just a year and a half  he suffered an accident that left us no other option than to relieve his pain by allowing him to leave us. His beauty and grace will always be remembered.
Morpheus head  Morpheus trot   Morpheus                                                                         

I F Adonis   Warlander colt
by Fogoso H    (Andalusian)
out of I.F. Eowyn    (Warlander)

 Adonis 1 hour old
Adonis is Eowyn's first born and inherited not only her incredible way of moving, but also her easy going temperament. His first time being clipped was in his stall without a halter, and everything else new came just as easy with him  
 adonis 7 months  Adonis 1year 

Espada de lamancha    Warlander colt
By Fogoso H   (Andalusian)
out of   Knighthawke (Friesian)


Although owned by  good friends of ours at Grail Quest, Espada is included in our family of horses due to his close relation to our horses. His sire is our Andalusian  stallion  Fogoso and his dam; Knighthawke is out of Isabeau's full sister Ladyhawke.
Espada  espada closeup

I F Nostradamus  Andalusian colt
by   Fogoso H   (Andalusian)
out of  Bonaparte IR  (Andalusian)


Nostradamus was originally sold as a weanling and spent his first 4 years of life away working first with a dressage trainer then later learning the basics of western riding. When he became available for sale at age 4 we brought him back to the family and he is here to stay.
dante  Dante and Strider Dark Beginings


Lilith IF     Friesian filly
by Laes  (Friesian)
out of  Isabeau (Friesian)

Lilith 1 day 

Lilith was originally sold the day she was born, and later came back to Immortal to join our mare herd so that we could have a foal from her . After giving us Cassie she went on to become a friend and partner at another farm on the Qlympic Pennisula
5 monthslilith at amazoncallie and Lilith

I F Aragorn   Warlander colt
by  Gallahad du Lac (Friesian)
out of   OA Malaika  (Andalusian)

I.F Aragorn 

Strider and Chuck were bonded from the first day and though originally for sale the attachment between them made it impossible for him to leave. He is now Chucks riding partner and is just amazing. He will do anything Chucks asks of him, without fear or hesitation, because of the trust and bond between them.
Strider one year oldStrider 3 years oldon set Dark Beginings

 I F Xenophon  Warlander colt
by  Notorio DW  (Andalusian)
out of Xenia  (Friesian)  Xen and Xenia
This is my Xen....his story is told in other places on the website. Xen will be with me forever, he is special in so many ways. For me he was the light and hope during dark times. My mischievous little colt has grown into a beautiful gentleman ..he keeps me believing in the future....I just love him...
Xen 3 months Xen 2 yearsXen 6


IF Galadriel   Warlander filly
by Galahad du Lac  (Friesian)
out of  OA Malaika  (Andalusian)

Gala day one 

Galadriel  was Malaika's first foal and she loved her little 'mini me' her little girl could do no spite of that Gala grew into a beautiful well mannered mare. She has the sensibility and down to earth grounding of the Friesian background  combined beautifully with the Andalusian grace and boldness. She was our first cross with an Andalusian mare and Friesian stallion and proved that the combination was exceptional with either pairing
 3 months 1st show


IF Amadeus   Friesian Sporthorse colt
by    Gallahad du Lac  (Friesian)
out of    Annies Sweet T  (Quarter horse)
Amadeus  1 hour described his babyhood to a t. Amadeus loved to showoff whenever he had an audience. He is a beautiful smokey black colt that has turned into a beautiful horse.
     Amadeus 2 monthsAmadeus 9 months

IF Eowyn      Warlander filly
by Quimerico KF  (Andalusian)
out of  Isabeau  (Friesain)


She was born at 3:00 in the afternoon on a sunny day. The sunlight was streaming in the was a marvelous moment, one I will treasure the rest of my life.
Roo 1 month oldEowyn 3 yearsEowyn 4 years