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 The quality of a stallion is not limited to the stallion himself nor to his linage, it must also be measured by the ability to pass his quality to his offspring  We feel  that it is important for us to produce our own foals from our stallions so that we can be assured that they meet the expectations we hold for their offspring. We have worked for many years to find just the right breeding that will produce exceptional offspring, not just for ourselves but for those who choose to breed their mares to one of our stallions . We breed for a limited number of foals each year; only producing 1-3 foals that are made available for sale. We also offer in-utero  contracts. We benefit by having a foal sold early , and we in turn give substantial savings on foals purchased this way.


Carmen banner
Immortal Farms Carmen
3/4 Andalusian 1/4 Friesian
foaled June 14th 2013
Sire:   I.F. Xenophon
Dam:  O.A. Malaika

Carmen is the kind of horse we breed for ,  she is  people oriented,  conformationlly correct and has lovely movement. She inherited all the best attributes from both her parents. She has natural collection and is light in front with excellent reach. Carmen could be your next 3 day event horse or just your best friend on the trails. The photos shown here are of Carmen at 14 months old...just imagine what she will look like as and adult.
Carmen is currently priced at $4500.00
Carmen at 18 months

click here to view a video of Carmen at 14 months old
Carmen at 14 months

Additional photos of Carmen, her siblings, sire, dam, and grandparents are available here:

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Immortal Farms Serenity
3/4 Andalusian 1/4 Friesian
foaled June 16th 2014
Sire:  Montero VQF
Dam:  I.F. Eowyn

Serenity is our second pairing of Montero and Eowyn, her full sibling I.F. Achilles is stunning, so we decided to pair the two again. Her movement is light, airy and smooth. She has just enough 'princess' attitude to make her shine, she loves attention if people are watching she is showing off. We have had two foals  from the farm that have become multi national champions ..Serenity has what it takes to be the next one to do so.
Serenity is currently listed for $4500.00

 click here for a video of Serenity
Serenity video

Due May 28th 2015

Pure  Andalusian foal  by Montero VQF out of O.A Malaika

available at an in-utero contract price  of $4500.00.  $1000. down with contract terms on the balance. This foal is a full sibling to I.F Vivaldi

I.F. Vavaldi
Vivaldi at one year old

The foal will be eligible for registration with the IALHA . With multiple International, National , and Best Movement champions on both sides it should be an excellent dressage prospect or a valuable addition to an Andalusian breeding program
Due June 22nd 2015
Warlander foal  (Half Friesian - Half Andalusian) This is a wonderful combination! Avalon is half sister to Xenia; Xenophon's dam both of them being daughters of the Model mare  Warna . Avalon has beautiful movement with superior drive and lift . Montero is light,  athletic , and has proven himself with  sons that are already winning in the show ring. Both are sweet solid people oriented horses .. this foal will be an exceptional horse. The foal will be black or bay and is currently offered at an in utero price of $4500.00
Due June 22nd 2015
Pure Gypsy Cob foal from Oberon and Titania. This foal is our exciting one for this year! This is our first pure Gypsy foal and I am really looking forward to meeting this baby :) . Oberon is out of a black and white mare by a chestnut stallion. Titania is out of a bay and white mare by a bay stallion (who is out of a chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail) . We have a few colour options with this one! one thing is for certain it will have TONS of hair!  This foal is offered at $6000.00 on utero