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  This is the other side of Immortal Farms, our performers.   Although many of the horses listed elsewhere also fill in  at medieval shows  or parades;  the horses listed here do the majority of the work.   Whether  they are carrying  knights to the joust, a king on a movie set or appearing in commercials these guys have what it takes to get the job done.  


I.F. Aragorn
  foaled May 9th 2003
IWSR reg#  000017FA
sire:   Gallahad du Luc       dam: O.A. Malaika
The day he was born he was dubbed 'Strider'. He had such long legs he reminded Chuck of creatures by that name in the Jim Henson movie, the Dark Crystal. The name stuck and when it came time to register him it seemed only natural to make his 'official' name Aragorn.
Though originally we had intended to sell Strider, I knew that idea was gone when I came out one evening and found Chuck sitting in the stall and Strider asleep with his head in Chuck's lap.
I really do not know who chose who, but the two of them were meant to be a pair.
Strider has turned out to be an amazing show horse. He loves  performing and is the perfect knights charger. Put him in front of a crowd and his neck arches and he just struts..every inch of him says..look at me ..yeah ...I'm  gorgeous..We completely love this guy. I will always be happy Chuck insisted he stay.

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I.F. Nostradamus

  foaled April 25th 2004

IALHA  reg#  8178(S)  

sire: Fogoso H         dam: Bonaparte IR

Nostradamus was originally sold as a weanling, and when he became available for sale 4 years later we brought him back home to the farm. His first year back involved arena work and peaceful trail rides in the woods. However it did not take long for him to show us he was every bit the showman Strider was.  He started his performance career with Chuck doing rings and passes at home; his attitude from the start was “this is nothing…when do we joust!” In 2010 under his barn name ‘Dante’ he started performing with the Seattle Knights and did wonderfully. Then in 2011 he teamed up with Carlin Kennedy as his rider and the two of them have been amazing crowds ever since. Although he is a ball of fire when performing with Carlin down the lists, he is still just our Dante outside the joust.  He has become our “go to” horse if we want a steady performer..he has performed in a Mini Cooper commercial  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvleQRaDqeg,  Highlander Dark Beginnings, and  First Ranger of the King.   Best of all…he is still a rock solid trail horse for those quiet rides in the woods.



Danteandfan DarkBeginings2012 
DarkBeginingsbreak2012 gotGuiness   
I.F. Achilles
foaled  June 9th 2012

Sire: Montero VQF         Dam: I.F. Eowyn

Achilles is our next colt to be joining the ranks of the jousting horses . Starting in 2015 he will start his ground training , learning about saddles, bridles and getting used to weight. He will wait on the sidelines and watch as the other horses joust so that he learns about the noise and excitement . He will be walked in hand up and down the lists over and over learning to stop at the end and wait. He will have people in armor  walk him and jump next to him so he gets accustom  to the noise and smell of armor.  All this and much more will happen in his three year old year  in preparation for his saddle training as a 4 year old.  He is going to make a stunning performance horse, with his deep black bay color and thick long mane and tail this boy is going to be a star . Keep track of updates of his progress ( and other farm news ) on our face book page by clicking here:  Immortal Farms