More friends with 4 legs

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Ever vigilant, always alert..........ok....honestly.....These are our fat, lazy, lap warming house cats...I disturbed their napping, something they do 90% of the time....... after all .... going to the food bowl to eat is such hard work .  Chase a mouse???? you gotta be kidding........oh well.... we love them anyway. They are from the top Gandolf, Tim, & Merlin (aka Bunny Kitty)


Here are our two canine kids:
  Widget, our American Eskimo/Shelti cross who is totally spoiled, she and I went through a lot together so she deserves every bit of spoiling she gets. 
Uschie, our German Shepherd; who has been described by many as ' the best dog in the world.' Frankly I think they are right. She protects the farm, and follows me everywhere making sure I am ok. She is wonderful with people that visit and very patient with kids. She is perfect.