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Immortal Farms
Isabeau & Warlander daughter I.F Tatiana, who at 4 mo was regional Rsv. Champion 1/2 Andalusian Mare

Immortal Farms
 Since 1994 we have selectively bred horses that have the quality, intelligence, breeding, and beauty to not only excel themselves, but to be able to produce exceptional offspring. Our goal is to breed horses that are conformationly correct, sensible, and intelligent. To us beauty is nothing if you do not have a horse you can do anything with. We expect our foals to grow into horses that will take you across the Pacific Crest trail or to the show ring. Horses that become true companions and partners...more than 'just a horse'...we produce dreams, the horse of a lifetime, an Immortal horse

I.F. Andromeda

         Spring of 2006 marked a milestone for us when I.F. Eowyn gave birth to I.F. Andromeda. Sired by I.F. Xenophon, she iwas our first equine 'grandchild' and our first Warlander to Warlander cross. The dream we started years before was coming true, in the shape of deep soulful eyes, warm horse breath on our faces, and beautiful horses dancing in our fields. We are incredibly blessed.  
We hope you enjoy looking through our site and meeting our horses electronically. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in breeding your mare to one of our stallions, purchasing a foal, or if you would just like to come by for some coffee and meet our 'kids' in person. Be prepared to spend some time though we love to 'talk horse'...

Charles & Constance Davenport
       Marysville, Washington

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