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O.A. Malaika

O.A. Malaika 
Foaled July 5th 1997
 16.1 hh  Revised PRE mare
   Mareo (Estimado V)   X   Olympia  (Temerario V)    
We went to Olympic Andalusians on Vancouver Island to look at another mare they had for sale. Malaika was a  two year old when we saw her standing in the field. Even from a distance she had that "Andalusian" look. Sandra Younge, the owner of Olympic Andalusians aptly described her as "weedy" but you could still see the glow of greatness in her. We asked Sandra to bring her out for a closer look. Watching Malaika when she turned to .."float" is a better word...made our jaws drop. We left Sandra's without the horse we had come to buy, but with a contract for Malaika instead. She has matured into a outstanding Andalusian mare. She is revised by the Cria Caballar, and was one of the highest scoring horses for her revision year. . Her 2005 pure Spanish Andalusian colt by Fogoso H turned out to be all we had hoped for, with light forward movement , perfect conformation and an aura of greatness that was apparent  from his first day. When something works so well it is easy to decide to do it again; Malaika was bred back to Fogoso and again produced an exceptional colt with amazing movement.
In 2007 Malaika will be bred to the outside stalllion Mestino R, from DeJong Farms Mestino is a chestnut PSP stallion and a multiple gold medal movement winner. It is our hope to not only produce a foal with incredible movement and conformation, but also to pass on Mestino's beautiful fiery chestnut coloring.

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  • Bonaparte IR 
  • IALHA Reg # 1993(S)
  • Sire Americano #0914(S)
  • Dam Garbosa XVIII #0508(S)
We leased Bonaparte from Bopogono Ranch,  After a season of carrying Chuck with style in jousting shows throughout the northwest, the following year she was bred to Fogoso H. She delivered  an outstanding colt;  I.F. Nostradamus. This was Fogoso's first pure Andalusian foal and we are thankful we were given the opportunity to lease Bonnie to establish Fogoso's ability as a sire. This colt has since moved on to his new home, and a promising future.  Bonnie's 2002 colt, Vallejo, sired by Monoco,  now has a home with us and will be a permanent member of Immortal Farms.

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