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We are very proud of our Warlander mares, they are all Immortal farms foals. Daughters and granddaughters of the 'Queen' of the farm, Isabeau,  they are examples of what we have strived for in our breeding program. From  the Andalusian & Friesian, they inherit hundreds of years of selectively  breeding for  intelligence, willingness, movement, and of course........beauty......and,  boy.... does it show


I look at our girls and realize how lucky I am to have them as a part of my life. Watching them is a feast for my eyes. Riding them gives me a feeling of heaven on earth. Knowing them makes my life better.

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Foaled April 27 2001    
   IALHA  reg# H003706    IWSR reg#000016AF
Sire:  Quimerico KF   IALHA # 2479(S)
Dam:  Isabeau          FPZV  #fps04039E592
Eowyn is Isabeau's fourth foal, and one we just could not give up.  She is our foundation Warlander mare, and our ambassador for the breed. She has been shown only three times and developed quite a record.
 2001 Festival of the Andalusian:...(age 4 months)
 1st place Half-Andalusian mares two and under
Gold medal movement award
2002 Festival of the Andalusian:.. ( age 16 months)
1st place Half-Andalusian mares two and under
Gold medal movement award
Reserve Champion Half-Andalusian mare
2004 Festival of the Andalusian:  (age 4 yrs)
1st place 3 years and older Half-Andalusian mares
Gold medal movement award
Champion Half-Andalusian mare
2nd Dressage intro test 1 (after 30 days under saddle)

Eowyn after 90 days training

Kimberly & Eowyn in the warm up arena


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I.F. Andromeda  
Foaled June 4th 2006
  IWSR Reg# 000023WW
sire:  I.F. Xenophon  IWSR  Reg# 000020AF
dam:  I.F. Eowyn    IWSR  Reg# 000016AF

We had intended to keep 'Roulette', because quite frankly she is everything we have been breeding for, and it is hard to let her go. Both Chuck and I really want to see her when she is grown; she has been beautiful at every stage of her life so far, and she is becoming a stunning mare. Because we are a breeding farm, and cannot keep all of our foals she is now listed for sale. She will be an excellent riding mare for any discipline, and has a personality that will make her a best friend. She has beauty and grace and moves like she is floating. She would also be a perfect addition to a Warlander breeding program. She is an incredible blend of both of her parents. She received the best of both of them in her movement, temperament, beauty, and conformation. Both parents can be viewed on this site, both in pictures and video. You can also view video and pictures of  her maternal 'grandmother' Isabeau, and video of her paternal grandsire and great grandsire.

Andromeda is listed for sale at $10,000.00 USD

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I.F. Tatiana  
 Foaled April 7th 1999
 IALHA   reg# H003192       IWSR reg#000015AF
Sire:  Emperador XL     IALHA 2123(S)
Dam:  Isabeau       FPZV 040395592 
Tatiana is now at Rancho de Baile Luz; her new home in eastern Oregon. Her new 'mom'  Cathy Sause, has a beautiful young Warlander stallion named Titus La Luz de Rembrandt. We are more than happy that Cathy choose our Tigger for her Warlander breeding program. She loves her horses and will be the perfect new mom for our girl.....Thank you Cathy!!!
Tatiana is a beautiful bay mare with incredible presence.  Tatiana  set the bar for her little sister, Eowyn, at the Pacific NW Festival of the Andalusian by winning half Andalusian Two and under, winning the gold medal movement award then returning to win Reserve Champion Half Andalusian mare. She did all this at the age of four months. Tatiana has also proven herself as a member of our broodmare herd. Spring of 2007 she produced an exceptional buckskin colt by the Lusitano stallion Saphiro.  The colt named I.F. Michaelanglo will be retained as a future stallion for Immortal.

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